July KAL @ the Studio – Casapinka

August 16, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Michigan Fibre Studio
1503 Lake Dr SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Join us for a MKAL!

Casapinka is releasing a MYSTERY Knit Along that will be perfect to do with those trunk show mini skeins! Bonus! It’s a stash buster too! And sometimes you need more yarn because you don’t have quite the right color. We got you!

Grab your mini skeins and your leftover fingering weight from projects past and plan your color order!

Be sure to read all the details on color in the links provided.

The pattern is available on Ravelry for $6.00. We are a Ravelry friendly shop so please consider purchasing the pattern through us if you plan to KAL with us!

We have Mountain Colors Twizzlefoot mini skeins that would make great “jewel” colors!

We also have a few Why Knot Fibers mini skeins in house still. Who couldn’t use a little more cashmere in their life?

KAL times:
Thursday July 19 from 7p – 9p
Saturday July 21 from 10a – noon
Running Thursday and Saturday for 6 weeks ending Saturday August 25th!

12 colors of approx 133 yds each = 1,596 yds total
Stash bust several colors to get the yardage

Beginner to Intermediate

On the Ravelry page:

The Crown Wools MKAL begins July 19. 2 clues per week for 6 weeks, 12 mini-skeins (details linked below.)

Your wooly crown jewels will be in shawl form (of approximately 80” X 17” depending on the yarn, similar in shape to my Goldfish Memory shawl.)

Details can be found in my group. Please read them – all of the details are right here!

Designed to be a STATEMENT PIECE, go as crazy or as tame with your colors as you like. I plan to wear mine like a giant necklace wrapped around a couple of times with black or neutral colors on the rest of me…and unlike the crown jewels, the CROWN WOOLS can be worn everywhere, from subway to airplane, to wine store and Rubik’s Cube competitions.

Remember that jewels come in every color of the rainbow, so pink diamonds, orange rubies, etc. are encouraged. And if you think you just need a giant sapphire or all the shades of taupe and brown you can find, power to you. Maybe you hate diamonds and like tourmalines or neon plastic “gems” – fine – they are YOUR jewels and you get to choose! Are speckled and variegated yarns ok? Of course.

Signup begins June 19, one month before the start of the MKAL.

1. Begins July 19. Two clues per week over six weeks. The shape is a parallelogram, or asymmetric rectangle, similar in shape to Goldfish Memory. The design is done in 12 skeins of Miss Babs Toes and kits will be available in several colors from Miss Babs as well as other dyers.

2. Requires 12 different fingering weight mini skeins,133 yards each. However, if you are stash diving or want to use smaller mini skeins, you can make up for it by just using more of them. As long as you like the colors in the order you place them, you will be just fine. Just continue to follow the clues and change yarns as needed.

3. Colors There will be very little mixing of colors, unlike some of my patterns. This is so you can place your colors in order and know that you like them together. They will be ordered 1-12 and you can play around with color to find the order that you like. Fade sets, two gradient sets of 6 skeins each in colors that you like together (say a blue and orange gradient set) also work (see one of my favorites, belwo), stash yarn is encouraged (all of those leftovers – time to get them out and turn them into gemstones!) speckles are encouraged (our jewels are allowed to have inclusions and imperfections!) Variegated yarn, solid yarn etc. is all just fabulous.

4. Yarns There is a separate page here in the group that has links to participating dyers as they begin to advertise. It will be updated as other join in. Miss Babs plans to begin selling her kits around June 23 and will have several combinations including the one I’m using.

5. Difficulty It is written for beginning to intermediate. There are a range of different stitches to keep things interesting, interspersed with more easy stitches for relaxing (like a lot of my patterns.) For the intermediate level sections, there is a always a simpler alternative that you can use, so if you don’t want to use any of the techniques that you 1. Don’t like, or 2. Find too difficult (i,e, there is a bit of lace), then you just do the alternative! If you love a stitch that you did in a previous clue, you can go back and use it instead of the one that is in the clue. This can truly be YOUR own design.

KAL/CAL/WAL Policies:
Although we would love to see you at the group sessions, you can participate from anywhere! This KAL is free to participate in, but as with all classes, KALs/CALs/WALs, you must use yarns purchased from our store to join. Purchasing supplies and patterns supports designers and your LYS.

For those that need help:
There will be help available during KAL times. As always, we are happy to help with quick questions. This is not a structured class so if you are finding that you may need a little extra help and attention, let us know and we can schedule a quick private lesson with you!

Join anytime!

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