New Classes! New Year!

Welcome 2018!

Welcoming January and the new year is one of my favorite times of year. The holidays and their hustle are in the past now and hopefully my Christmas knitting is finished. At some point, the craft room will get a good cleaning and reorganizing.  There are snowed in afternoons to spend with family, friends and pups knitting, spinning and catching up. It is a wonderful time to reconnect with my communities and spend time with the people who are the heart of them. We inspire each other to try new techniques or color combinations. We support each other in our resolutions to finish our projects sitting in time out. We help pick out a new project to start the new year out right. We have been known to even enable each other in our fiber purchases. Because after all, what are good friends for, right? 😉
We would love to invite you to join one of our communities. Come join in the fun of a Saturday morning crafting group or a Wednesday night Spinning group. Bring your knitting to a late night Fibre Ball, or your needle felting to our Thursday night group. Take a class and not only get to know a new stitch or skill, but also learn about your fellow students. Or pick your own time ~ make a plan with your friends to meet up on a Tuesday afternoon at our shop. If we are open, our couches are open for knitting/spinning/crocheting/weaving/felting fun!

Basics! Classes

Our Basics! classes teach you the beginning stitches that are the basis of all knitting and crocheting. You will also learn variations of the techniques and helpful tips. It’s all you need to get you started. The Beyond Basics! class teaches you the next step in your journey. Have Karin Sajdak help you through the crochet class or choose to learn knitting and have Heather Havens guide you.  Each Basics! class is one two hour session and costs $20.

Knitting dates:  February 1 (Thursday)  7p – 9pMarch 17 (Saturday) 1p – 3p

Crochet datesFebruary 3 (Saturday) 10a – noon,  March (Saturday) 10 10a – 12p

Tunisian Crochet Basics! date January 20 (Saturday) 1p – 3p

Beyond Basics Crochet dateFebruary 3  (Saturday) 1p – 3pMarch 10  (Saturday) 1p – 3p

Knitting Classes

Oops! Fixing Mistakes

We all have done it… dropped the stitch, twisted a stitch, had our cable lean in the wrong direction. And we either try really, really hard not to make the mistake, or we put the project in the corner, waiting for the knitting fairy to fix it for us. After this class, you will be able to let go of the anxiety of perfection and use your corner for other things, like a bookshelf or side table. In this two hour session, Amy Gallmeyer will show you how to correct some of the most common mistakes that we make so you will be able to confidently fix those errant stitches. Please note that there is homework to be done for this class. Click on the date below for registration and homework assignment.

February 17 (Saturday) 1p – 4p

Stranded Knitting & Steeking

Have you found the perfect cardigan pattern but are afraid to make it because the idea of cutting what you just spent hours and hours making seems like the opposite of logical? Have no fear ~ Amy is here!  Amy Gallmeyer will walk you through a fun little color work pattern done in the round and then show you how to cut the steek and fasten it. Taking this class will open your eyes to a whole new knitting world. Before you know it, you will be steeking everything from cozies to sweaters, even blankets!

February 15 & 22 (Thursday) 7p – 9p

Sweater Series 2018 Winter

The Sweater Series is the must-take class of the season! Do you have knitting a sweater on your ‘some day’ list? Maybe you tried to make a sweater, but it fits your 13 year old niece better than you, except for the sleeves, which would fit your 6’4″ co-worker just fine. If so, this class is perfect for you. Amy Gallmeyer will take you from pattern to gorgeous sweater in this 4 session class. She will help with measurements, finding the right yarn for the right sweater just for you, and any techniques needed for your sweater. Ready to take the plunge?  Register and check out the specifics here.

Saturdays 10a – noon

February 17March 3March 17April 14, & April 28th

Sock Construction

For those interested in dipping a toe in sock knitting, this Sock Construction class is the perfect way to learn the ins and outs of sock knitting. Amy Gallmeyer will be teaching you the parts of the sock and how to create them. Working in worsted weight, by the end of the three hour workshop, you will have a worsted weight baby sock done to remind you of the steps and to inspire and give you confidence to start a pair for yourself! Did I mention that you will be learning the Magic Loop technique? Bonus skill!

January 25 (Thursday) 6p-9p

February 24 (Saturday) 10a-noon

Continental Knitting

Come learn how to knit Continental style! Amy Gallmeyer will walk you through the steps of how to Continental Knit as well as show you the best way to position your hands and hold your yarn for efficiency, tension and comfort. This is a great skill to have for color work as you are able to hold one color in the left hand and the other in the right and still be knitting with both ~ it truly is magic!

January 20 (Saturday) 10a-noon

March 3 (Saturday) 1p – 3p

 ***Class Registration Policy***
Payment is due upon time of registration. Class fee is not refundable unless cancellation is made 72 hours before the class start time. Classes with fewer than four students may be canceled or rescheduled for insufficient registration. Unless otherwise indicated, our classes are for students 16 years of age or older. Your registration is valid for the dates listed in the description and may not be transferred to other class dates.

Be sure to come to the studio early enough to have your supplies purchased and your yarn wound into balls before the start of class. Purchasing supplies from Michigan Fibre Studio supports your LYS and enables us to continue bringing in teachers for your continued fiber education.

*Consignment yarn not included in discount

Other Classes

Intro to Needle Felting

Finding yourself drawn to the beauty of needle felting, but aren’t sure how to get started? Heather Havens will have you felting in no time! Learn the tools and fiber while making a two dimensional design that can be used as a patch or an adornment to a hat or bag. No previous skill needed, only a love of wool!

March 1 (Thursday) 7p – 9p

Colour Play ~ A Mini Workshop in Colour Theory

Heather Havens will escort you through this video-based in-store workshop. It will walk you through the basics of working with color and help you feel more confident about creating your own palettes and color combinations for your projects. Afterwards, we will play and combine different colors based on a variety of inspirations and then find different ways to knit them together to produce completely unique results.

February 10 (Saturday)  12p – 3p

Colour Play ~ A Mini Workshop in Colour Theory

We will be showcasing 5 different patterns made in SweetGeorgia’s Tough Love Sock and the yarn to create your own! Come peruse the shawls, socks and hat & mitts to see how wonderful this scrumptious yet sturdy yarn works up! We will be hosting the show from February 10 through February 24 (Saturday to Saturday).  More details here!

Notable Dates & Events

Open Spinning
Bring your wheel or drop spindle and enjoy spinning with others that share your love of the craft.
Wednesday February 14 until 8pOpen Fibre Night
Crochet, weave, knit, felt or spin with us, we love all of the fibre crafts! Open until 9 everyThursday.

Friday Fibre Ball
Friday January 26th
5p – 12a
Bring your friends, bring your fibre & have a ball!

Open Weaving
Saturday January 27th
1p – 4p
Bring your rigid heddle loom down to the Studio and study different patterns and techniques. You must have your own loom.

SweetGeorgia Trunk Show
Saturday February 10 – Saturday February 24